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Shipping costs and methods

Shipping options can vary depending on the weight, the size of the item, and the delivery address. We remind you that the courier will deliver to the road plan.

If when you place your order, you cannot select or display a particular shipping option, then that option is not available for your address or selected item because it does not meet certain criteria such as size, category, Availability of the product. The system will automatically detect the shipping option available during the order process.

The indicated delivery times refer only to the items available and run from the time of shipment of the item.

If a shipping option is not displayed at the time of the order, it means that:

It is not available for the selected item because it does not meet certain criteria such as size, product category, or availability.

It's not available for your delivery address. Some caps are not, in fact, still reachable by some shipping options.


In some cases, we can send you the items of different orders in a single shipment. For more information, see the Shipping Preferences page.

Orders can be delivered by different couriers, but you cannot select which courier will take care of your order.

The indicated delivery times may vary. We invite you to check the delivery date during the order process.