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Information referred to in art. 13 Regulation (EU) 2016/679 general regulations on the protection of Personal data (RGPD) valid information from 25 May 2018

Dear Customer,

In accordance with art. 13 of the RGPD regulation 2016/679, we provide you with information on the processing of personal data from POST@L MARKET 2.0

We deem it important to clarify the scope of RGDP and, consequently, this statement.

The RGPD only applies a data falling within the category of "personal data" to be defined by the RGPD, i.e. "any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person", considering "natural persons" also the firms Individuals and the operators of the free professions (the person concerned).

The data referring exclusively to companies of capital or persons, subject to legal personality or public administration, do not fall within the category of "personal data".

The processing of personal data shall, in any event, be based on the principles of correctness, lawfulness, minimisation and transparency and the protection of the confidentiality and rights of the person concerned, in accordance with the rules set out in the RGPD, to the national legislation If applicable, editions of the Italian Guarantor for the protection of personal data.

The full text of the RGPD can be downloaded and available at the following link

Holder of the data processing and responsible for the protection

The title of the processing of personal data, as defined in art. 4, paragraph 7) of the RGPD is:

POST@L MARKET 2.0 mark of NL Distributing LTD. Registered office: Charles House 108-110 Finchley Road Swiss Cottage London NW3 5jj UK. E-mail: info @ postalmarket20. com

Purpose of the treatment

The title is taken from:

Execute the contract concluded between the holder and the person concerned;

Fulfil legal obligations arising, directly or indirectly, from contractual relations and tax and tax property securities;

Email communications of a commercial nature such as newsletters, business offers, discount campaigns, etc. Sending of newsletters-can be the subject of registration of information and interest on specific professional and working content;

If, in future, the holder intends to treat the personal data for a purpose other than those mentioned above, before further recounting the treatment will provide information on a different matter and any further relevant information.

Legal basis of treatment:

The legal bases of the processing of personal data effective by the holder are:

The treatment is necessary with regard to the execution of pre-contractual obligations (article 6, 1, point B) of the RGPD) or

The treatment is necessary for the execution of examinations in fiscal and fiscal matters; (Art. 6, 1, c) of the RGPD) or

The treatment is necessary for the pursuit of a legitimate interest in the title (e.g. in the event that the person interested in communicating their data through the owner's website has made the legitimate interest of their customers or customers to enter their Direct marketing, including product information, promotional offers, etc.). At any time, the person concerned may oppose the processing of his or her data by communicating his opposition to the e-mail address (recital 47, art. 6, 1, f) of the RGPD): or 

The person concerned has expressed his consent to the processing of his personal data for marketing, direct or indirect. At any time, the person concerned may withdraw his consent and his right of withdrawal, communicating his opposition to the e-mail address (Art. 6, 1, a) of the RGPD). 

Recipients of the data

For the purpose of pursuing the purposes set out in point 1 of this statement, the holder shall communicate or may disclose personal data to the categories of addressees.

Employees and collaborators of the owner, in their quality of control and/or company managers of the treatment and/or control system.

Entities and public authorities to which the holder is or may be obliged to disclose personal data (e.g.: Revenue agency).

Payment and Cashout service providers on behalf of the Internet. (e.g. banking institutions, PayPal, etc.).

Service providers by nature accounting and taxation (e.g.: accountants, consultants, etc.).

Service providers for legal assistance and consultancy or persons who take care of the recovery of commercial receivables.

Service providers and technical assistance related to computer instrumentation (PC, laptop and corporate smartphones, servers, etc.) and corporate software (management system) used by the owner.

Management of services for the management of mailing lists, sending of newsletters, and direct marketing (e.g.: Mail chimp, etc.), of corporate e-mail services (including certified e-mail) and hosting of the company's corporate websites.

Service management for online storage and synchronization of files in a cloud computing environment (e.g. Google Drive)

Logistics service providers (e.g.: packaging and freight, warehousing, customs processing, etc.).

Other categories of subjects entrusted with the task of signing a contract between the owner and his company.

Transfer to third countries

Some of the recipients listed in the previous section have their headquarters or treat the data in third countries. It is safe that the proprietor may transfer personal data outside the European Union.

Such recipients, such as Mail chimp, Google Drive or PayPal, ensure compliance of their requirements with European data protection requirements. 

It is a question relating to the respective adequacy rules of the Commission can be consulted in annex A

Duration of treatment

Personal data is stored for a lifetime.

For the purposes set out in point 2 let. A), are in possession of pre-contractual and contractual requirements incumbent on the title in accordance with the law prescribing rights (related to contractual and/or extra-contractual liability) related to the aforesaid contract;

For the purposes set out in point 2 let. b) of this statement, according to the time required by the fulfilment of statutory obligations in fiscal matters, in accordance with the rules and regulations of time in place of such obligations of the proprietor;

For the purposes set out in point 2 let. c) of this statement, regarding the processing of personal data of the title (e.g. direct marketing), narrative treatment will be carried out as long as there is a legitimate interest story until the request, for its part, of no longer wanting Addressing the processing of personal data;  

For the purposes set out in point 2 let. D) of this information name, if the processing of your personal data is carried out only on the basis of the consent you have lent, narrative treatment will be carried out for a duration not exceeding from 36 (thirty-six) months when the release of the Consent on his part.

Rights of the person concerned

At any time, you have the right to:

Ask the holder of the treatment for access to his personal data (i.e. whether the holder is processing such data), obtain the correction or cancellation thereof, limit the purposes for which such data are treated or oppose  To their treatment, in addition to the right to obtain the portability of the same. To manage these rights, contact the owner at the e-mail address:;

Where treatment is based on article 6(1)(a) (consent to the processing of personal data) or article 9(2)(a) (express consent to the processing of special categories of personal data) of the RGPD,  Withdraw its consent at any time without prejudice to the lawfulness of the treatment to the lent before revocation; E-mail:;

Complaint proposal to a supervisory authority.

Optional or compulsory nature of the conferral of data

For the processing of your data, you have the obligation to carry out the contractual or pre-contractual obligations and to fulfil the obligations of law on the Rightholder, the conferral of data is mandatory and any refusal to provide such data may The contract of sale of services for the sale of securities on behalf of third parties. 

Interest in the pursuit of a legitimate interest of the rightholder his consent is not necessary as a legitimate interest of the rightholder is pursued. You may, however, at any time opt for the processing of your data by communicating your opposition to the email address: 

Interest in direct or indirect marketing marketing, in the event of interest not pursued a legitimate interest in the title, consent is optional, and may be revoked at any time by sending a request to the electronic title It is hereby advised that the withdrawal of the consent will not prejudice the lawfulness of the treatment to the lent before revocation.

Methods of Treatment

Personal data is automated.

Personal data are stored in digital archives, duly protected, at the offices of the POSTAL MARKET 2.0 mark of NL Distributing LTD. Registered office: Charles House 108-110 Finchley Road Swiss Cottage London NW3 5jj UK. E-mail: